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Roofs Made Seamless, Life Made Simple

A Technology Evolution

Over three decades ago, WeatherWeld set about developing a roof technology that would blend the best of the popular roofing methods in use. This led to a superior process that emphasizes flexibility, strength and a seamless surface with no gaps or spaces for water to penetrate. WeatherWeld installation pros use a patented applicator to create a roof designed to last the entire lifetime of the building. In over two decades since this industry evolution, our roofs are still protecting as well as ever!

How to make a roof last a lifetime

Combine aerospace-grade reinforcement and ceramic waterproofing
Seamless Technology
Install from the top of the wall to the bottom of the drain.

“After 29 years, I feel like I’ve left the building better than I found it.”

Brian Daniels – Anaheim Convention Center

Meet Some of Our Clients

For a quarter century, leading names in all industries have chosen to be protected by WeatherWeld seamless composite systems. Here are just a few, each representing an industry we serve.

Los Angeles County Sanitation District




Exxon Mobile

Pasadena City College Dist.
Hight Tech




Health Care
Loma Linda University Hospital
Public Venues
Anaheim Convention Center
Property Mgt.
Lewis Operating Corp
Dept. Homeland Security / GSA
US Air Force

Tons of Annual Landfill Savings

Typical % Savings vs Competitors

Degrees Cooler vs Cap Sheet Roofs

Sleepless Nights for WeatherWeld Customers