About WeatherWeld – WeatherWeld Commercial Roofing.

The WeatherWeld story began in 1992, not with a roof but with a contrarian philosophy. It was about all the things we didn’t want to do. We didn’t want to follow the crowd, repeat industry mistakes or take the easiest, most profitable route. After realizing that roof warranties are not worth the paper they’re written on, we determined to create a different kind of roof that could last the life of the building.

Recognizing that seams are a roof’s worst enemy…allowing spaces for water to penetrate…WeatherWeld introduced an innovative technology featuring 15 gallons of liquid asphalt and eight pounds of fiber per 100 square feet. No seams, no joints, no gaps. Just five years later, we doubled the strength and thickness. Today, more than 20 years since this evolution, our roofs are still going strong. We bring all of our raw materials to the job and manufacture on site, improving quality control, expediting the job and reducing your costs by eliminating the middleman.

Choosing not to imitate when we opened our doors, we originated. A lot of thought went into developing a roof system with the strength and flexibility to withstand the hot western summers and to keep water where it belongs – on top, not underneath. We invite you to enjoy the rewards of that labor. Not for 10 years. Not for 20 years. But for as long as you own your building. At WeatherWeld, we make our roofs seamless and your life simple.

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