Learn-Budget – WeatherWeld Commercial Roofing.


It’s no secret that commercial roofs are expensive. In fact, it is the most expensive investment you will make for your building. Isn’t it important to make the right decision the first time?

The roofing industry is designed to manufacture a roll sheet and ship it to the job site, where it is glued together by the contractor with an end goal in mind. The goal is to resell you their materials when the warranty expires. And the industry-standard warranty is just 10 years. This process repeats itself over and over, for as long as you own the building.

WeatherWeld is designed to be installed just once for the lifetime of the building. Solidly attached in one seamless piece from the top of the wall to the bottom of the drain, it effectively eliminates roof leaks. The initial cost is fixed, maintenance budgets are unnecessary and you forget you even have a roof on the building.

Meeting critical budgets for high demand clients is simple. Typically WeatherWeld saves the client 15-20% over the competition, while providing a roof system designed to last for the lifetime of the building.

One fixed cost, no change orders, no disruption, open communication – a roof system that works.

Commercial Roofing Case Study

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Sample Project

Simi Valley Unified School District

With tight budget constraints and an even shorter timeline, Simi Valley USD selected the WeatherWeld seamless roof system because it allowed the existing 25-year-old built-up roof to remain in place, even though it was at the end of its useful life, showing signs of splitting and wear. The WeatherWeld system solidly attached to the existing roof to create one seamless piece, from the top of the wall to the bottom of the drain and everything in-between. The bottom line, this structurally seamless roof was notably stronger than the original and ready for years of additional use.