Building Owners – WeatherWeld Commercial Roofing.

The thought of putting a new roof on your building can fill you with dread. After all, you must find the time in your busy day to start the vetting process, figure out whose sales pitch to believe and wrangle over quotes from people with their own interests at heart. Can you trust a roofing salesman, a contractor or even your own management team consultant?

That’s why WeatherWeld offers a roofing solution based on proven testing results. One that’s completely seamless, with no gaps, joints or spaces to penetrate, not even in cases of ponding water. An ultra-durable roof from WeatherWeld outlasts all other roofing techniques – and that’s a fact – removing the guesswork, lowering your annual expenditures and providing a key buyer incentive should you ever decide to sell. And before we ever ask you to sign a contract, we’ll follow our online budget estimate with an in-depth condition report on your roof.

Make the next roof on your building the last one. Instead of idle boasts, ask for written proof. The kind you get from WeatherWeld, with more than 30 years of roofing innovation. And re-take control of your business, operating it for profit instead of hassling with repairs.

A Groundbreaking Solution

Over three decades ago, WeatherWeld introduced an evolutionary roof technology blending the best of the popular roofing methods in use. With an emphasis on flexibility and strength, our process creates a seamless structure with no gaps or spaces for water to penetrate. Experienced WeatherWeld installers use a patented applicator to produce a roof designed to last the entire lifetime of the building. Since that first breakthrough over two decades ago, our roofs are still protecting as well as ever! Every smart business person understands what that kind of proven performance means – lower maintenance costs, happier tenants and better returns on your investment.

WeatherWeld Roofing Process

Meet Some of Our Clients

For a quarter century, leading names in all industries have chosen to be protected by WeatherWeld seamless composite systems. Here are just a few, each representing an industry we serve.

Los Angeles County Sanitation District


Exxon Mobile

Pasadena City College Dist.

 High Tech


 Health Care
Loma Linda University Hospital


Public Venues
Anaheim Convention Center

Property Mgt.
Lewis Operating Corp

Dept. Homeland Security / GSA

US Air Force

90 Second Client Review

Anaheim Convention Center

Brian Daniels
Facilities Maintenance Manager

Annual Landfill Savings
in Tons


Typical % Savings
vs Competitors


Degrees Cooler
vs Cap Sheet Roofs


Sleepless Nights for
WeatherWeld Customers

  • WeatherWeld is a good, robust system, for an economical price.
    Simi Valley Unified School District
    Simi Valley, CA
  • The college estimates we will save several million dollars in maintenance costs over the lifetimes of the roofs.
    Pasadena City College
    Pasadena, CA
  • We just built a Shed directly on the roof. No damage, no leaks. We love the roof.
    Anaheim Convention Center
    Anaheim CA
  • The cost savings on maintenance and energy efficiency is incredible.
    Facilities, Double Tree Hotel
    Las Vegas, NV
  • I've been in the construction industry for 40 years. I've seen every roof system out there. WeatherWeld is hands down the best I have ever seen.
    ACCO Engineered Systems
    Los Angeles, CA