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Cannot Leak

The reason building owners re-roof or install a new roof on their building is because of one simple reason – it leaks. When a building absolutely cannot leak, the roofing industry doesn’t have many solutions. The intersection where rolls meet creates a seam, and seams cause leaks.

While certain building owners can tolerate small roof leaks without stopping building operations, there are others that cannot. Hospitals, clean rooms, computer facilities and the nation’s largest infrastructure do not tolerate roof leaks because they shut their critical operations down.

WeatherWeld radically flips the problem of seams around by creating a seamless composite that is one piece from the top of the wall to the bottom of the drain, eliminating the possibility of roof leaks.

The world’s most demanding clients trust WeatherWeld not only because the technology makes sense, but because it works.

Eliminate the seams, eliminate the problems.

Commercial Roofing Case Study

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Sample Project

Hotel Building

This 20-story building is the headquarters for most 3-letter agencies in the state. Before the WeatherWeld installation, the roof had not been watertight since it was built. The client tried every roofing product imaginable – from specialty gravel coatings to single-ply – but nothing worked with the complex engineering on the roof of the building.

The WeatherWeld seamless roof system was selected because it allowed the existing roof to remain in place, without exposing the building to additional water intrusion during installation. The existing gravel roof was perfectly suited for the WeatherWeld gravel roof reinforcement system. Today, our seamless solution is keeping the water out – 24/7.