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Elementary School in Alvord, CA (Riverside County)

The roof at this elementary school in Alvord in Riverside County, California, consisted of
a built-up roof system using hot asphalt. Over time, the roof lost the flexibility to
withstand normal thermal cycling caused by daily heat expansion. Multiple repairs were
made to the roof and penetration flashings were installed throughout the roof system’s

The age of the roof, combined with improper drainage at the roof edge, led to roof leaks
into the building. The roof was at the end of its useful life, and it could no longer keep
the building watertight—it was at a point where ongoing maintenance was more costly
than installing a new roof system.

WeatherWeld sealed the penetrations and encapsulated the entire roof, making it one
seamless piece. The facilities/maintenance team now rests assured knowing it’s
impossible for the roof to leak, and the school is now a safer place for students and


by | 16-Aug-2022


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