Learn-Equipment Problems – WeatherWeld Commercial Roofing.

Equipment Problems Solved

Virtually every roof has equipment on it because it’s the natural place to hide equipment needed for the building to operate. While the location makes sense, the consideration for ensuring the roof is watertight is not normally taken into account. Rooftop equipment normally secured to the roof, from AC units to rooftop electrical and sheet-metal ducts, creates penetrations that are subject to leaks. Traditional roll roofing must be cut, seamed and patched around these types of penetrations and equipment.

WeatherWeld’s intertwined reinforcement is self-flashing and is one continuous piece, allowing the material to conform to any shape where needed, which  eliminates leaks at equipment flashings.

Sample Project

Space Systems/ Loral

The Highbay building, where its occupants build things that go to space, is a very complex structure. Having a clean room on the inside led to an equipment nightmare on the roof, in the way of huge air handler units and accompanying ducts. WeatherWeld technology allowed the existing roof to stay in place so that building operations would not be disturbed. The end result was a roof that is leak-free, with a life span far beyond any competitive roof system available.