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Metal Roof

Sheet-metal roofs come in a variety of profiles, sizes and colors. They are used in all types of construction due to their aesthetically pleasing look and cheap cost. They consist of profiled metal panels that are overlapped and glued together with sealant. Panels are fastened to the roof deck from the top, creating holes in the panels.

The inherent problem with sheet-metal panels is that they expand and contract on a daily basis. Over time, the sealant on the fasteners and panels fails and allows water to leak between the joints and at the fasteners.

Commercial Roofing Case Study

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Sample Project

Desert Sands Unified School District

Over 150,000 square feet of roof area leaked in more than 100 places due to the fasteners and the failure of sealant between panels. WeatherWeld seamless technology created a seamless membrane, 1/4” thick, over the entire metal surface, covering the laps and fasteners, and making it near impossible for the sheet-metal roof to leak.  From corrugated to standing seam, WeatherWeld solves metal roof problems permanently.