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New Construction

New construction has inherent problems, in that new roofs typically leak from the start. This can make it difficult to get interior work and rooftop trade work finished without water interference or damaging the roof. Designed into WeatherWeld’s new roofing systems is a phasing process, which makes it possible to install the first application of WeatherWeld to “dry-in” the building and have rooftop trade work finished. This is followed by the second WeatherWeld application that makes the building watertight from the start.

Commercial Roofing Case Study

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Sample Project

Pasadena City College IT Building & Center for the Arts Building

This project started with a concrete deck featuring 14′ tall parapet walls. The complexity of the construction was magnified by multiple 20-ton air handler units and a duct system, with over 1,000 penetrations and flashings. Typically, roll-based systems have to cut around a penetration and patch it together with repair materials, creating a weak point. The WeatherWeld system made the roof one seamless piece by using the reinforcement technology from the top of the wall to the bottom of the drain, encapsulating the penetrations along the way.