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WeatherWeld charges a simple fixed cost per square foot for manufacturing the roof on-site. In short, we are the lowest cost high-performance system on the market. And we believe if a roof requires any added costs, the time to know is before you sign the contract. We take a firm stand against tacking on costs once the price is agreed upon by both parties.

We will estimate the cost to replace your roof. No guesswork, no boastful promises…just a good, fair price. Here’s how it works:

Simply answer the brief, straightforward questions below and with that information, we’ll prepare your estimate, based on a thorough Google Earth offsite review.

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If you prefer, you can call our Technical Services Representative for a short two-minute conversation, at 888-440-3224. This is not a salesperson, but rather a true tech expert who can knowledgeably answer your questions.

Privacy Statement

WeatherWeld never shares any of the information we retrieve from you with any other third party, for any reason whatsoever. All roof surveying is done through satellite technology so that no person ever physically enters your property during the estimating process. This price quote is a confidential matter, exclusively between WeatherWeld and you.