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Solar System Roof

There are many advantages that come with installing solar, but rooftop solar should be researched and the existing roof examined before solar installation. Many owners install new solar on an existing roof and wonder why the roof leaks upon completion.

During installation, the roof is subject to heavy loads, sharp objects that come in contact with the roof and excessive foot traffic. A new solar system on top of a roof that leaks is a nightmare scenario.

WeatherWeld roofs are strong enough to withstand the rooftop traffic and wear that solar systems encounter during installation. The advantage of a seamless roof membrane is that it eliminates roof leaks.

Commercial Roofing Case Study

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Sample Project

GSA/Dept Homeland Security San Diego

The agency had a solar system allotted in their budget, but the existing roof leaked in many places. A WeatherWeld system was installed, reinforcing the existing built-up system and creating a seamless solution for the project. A non-penetrating solar system was installed on top of the WeatherWeld seamless roof without any problems.