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Roof systems fail due to factors such as bad installation, use of improper roof materials or deterioration of the materials by the sun’s UV rays.

The thermo cycle between hot and cold expands and contracts the roof on a daily basis. Combine this with those powerful UV rays and, over time, the systems deteriorate. As roofing systems lose their material bond, they lose the ability to hold themselves together as the building expands and contracts. A visual indicator of this is called splitting – long cracks along portions of the roof. These are found in the field of the roof, around equipment and at parapet wall intersections. Splitting is also an issue related to the strength of the existing roof.

Anyone who tries to repair a split in a roof realizes it is a lost cause. The problem reappears over and over again. The natural option is to tear off the existing roof and start from zero. The problem is installing the same roof system. Over time, the exact same problem will appear.

WeatherWeld allows the existing roof to remain in place, while seamlessly reinforcing it. This is possible because the intertwined fiberglass technology is stronger than the existing roof was when it was new and has the flexibility to withstand normal building movement. This allows building owners to remain confident that disruption is minimized and that their product selection will keep them watertight for the life of the building.

Commercial Roofing Case Study

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Sample Project

TCA/Toll Roads

The existing built-up roof was split in over 100 places. Removal was not an option, due to the occupancy of the building. WeatherWeld seamless technology created a seamless roof from the top of the wall to the bottom of the drain, solving the existing roof problems. Now the owner can focus on improving other parts of the building while remaining confident that the roof will perform under the harshest conditions.