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Why Choose WeatherWeld?

Managing commercial property is a tough job. Safety and code concerns are never-ending. All
the mechanical systems that keep buildings comfortable and safe require upkeep.
The last thing you need is a leaky roof on top of it all. Leaks are fixable. They can be repaired.
But they are expensive, time-consuming, and leave tenants or occupants in doubt of your

Why not choose a roofing system that keeps the water in the drain and out of your building?
Most roofing systems will do just that, at least for a while. Inevitably, the water finds a way in
and you’re back on the phone with the roofing contractor.

Standard flat-roof systems will have the contractor returning every 10 years or so. Your roof
should not amount to a subscription service plan for a roofing manufacturer.

The great news is it doesn’t have to be that way. You can choose a roofing application that will
last the life of the building with no leaks and zero maintenance, leaving you to do your job as a
building manager. You can truly have a set-it-and-forget roof.

To make your roofing decisions, you’ll need to learn a bit about your options.

Educate Yourself to Avoid Expensive Mistakes

Single-ply simply doesn’t last as promised. Now that it’s been on the market a few years,
problems are starting to surface. These include:

  • Seam failures. Over the years single-ply membranes can lose their elasticity, shrink, and
    fail altogether. Open seams result in water entry points.
  • Uplift. If adhesive is not applied perfectly or if winds are extreme, sections of single-ply
    have been known to lift off and even delaminate roofing substrates.
  • Blisters. When a small section loses adhesion, blistering can occur. Moisture can get
    trapped under larger blisters causing long-term damage.

Coatings are also a trend that should be avoided if possible. These coatings are often sold as a
remedy to cover deteriorating roofs. While pleasing to the eye, it’s worth considering how long
you can expect a thin coat of any kind of paint to last when faced with the daily assault of UV
rays, rain, hail, and the stomping boots of workers. It’s a stop-gap measure at best.

5 item Checklist for Permanent Roof Protection

To avoid untested and expensive half-solutions like single-ply and coatings, consider these
essential elements when choosing your roof system:

1. A proven track record. If the product has only been on the market for 10 years, there is no
way to know for sure how it will stand up to decades of exposure. Warranties and brochures
are no replacements for 30+ years of real-life user experience.

2. Seamless installation. Any seam, no matter how well-adhered or affixed, is a potential leak.
Homeowners with pitched roofs can afford to have seams. But on a flat roof, water is going to
find those seams, weaken them and damage your building.

3. Environmentally friendly. Staff, students, tenants, etc. are concerned by toxic odors and the
materials that make up their buildings. Same with maintenance workers. Put their minds at
ease with a product that’s safe to install, has no VOCs, and causes minimal disruption during

4. Simple to install. Complex roofing systems with overlapping layers and seams make for time-
consuming and expensive installations that provide temporary solutions. The fewer moving
parts, the simpler the system.

5. No Long-Term Maintenance. With today’s modern materials technology and application
systems, there is no need to ever get that call from an angry tenant complaining about a leak.
Your roofing system should be one-and-done.

Luckily there is a roofing system that meets these criteria. WeatherWeld is a lifetime roofing
system. With 30 plus years proving itself worthy against the most demanding of environments,
WeatherWeld is your long-term, maintenance-free choice.

WeatherWeld’s seamless application, from the top of walls to the bottom of drains, makes
leaks effectively impossible.

It is simple to install, environmentally friendly and as durable as it gets. Pay for your roof once,
so you can spend the next thirty years keeping the building leak-free.

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by | 16-Aug-2022


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